Fantastic Beasts exceeds fans’ expectations

Years ago, as the Harry Potter series came to an end, author J.K. Rowling left her fans with a few unanswered questions. These pertained to the future, especially concerning the generation of Potters, Weasleys, and other wizard families were resolved in the recently released Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Although the plotline of this play received mixed reviews, it still provided a story that followed the original Harry Potter series. While the loose ends about the future were being tied up, however, mysteries of the wizarding world’s past remained. Fortunately, Warner Brothers’ new movie Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them took care of many of these open ends very well.
The beginning of the movie immediately grabs the viewer’s attention by flashing images of newspaper headlines concerning magical events taking place in the United States of America. The main character of the story, famous magizoologist Newt Scamander, arrives at New York City from England carrying a suspicious-looking briefcase. Very soon, viewers learn that the briefcase is full of magical creatures, such as the Niffler, a rodent-like animal who is attracted to shiny objects, the Occamy, a reptilian creature who grows or shrinks in size to fit the space it remains in, and the Bowtruckle, a gentle plant-like critter who can get defensive if need be. These beasts, along with a few others, cause trouble for Newt with the Magical Congress of the United States when they escape from their home in the briefcase. The introduction to the adventure that Newt embarks on is an exciting thriller that sets up the rest of the movie for the viewers.
Themes of friendship, love, and justice are evident throughout the movie, along with the overall message that all beings are equal and should be treated with fairness, no matter what they look like. A second, more dangerous plot line also adds to the anticipation and excitement of the fans. As Newt chases after his creatures while hiding from the government and keeping an eye out for evil, he meets people who stand with him through everything. Together, they demonstrate the power of teamwork and the importance of choosing good over bad. In addition, the story creatively depicted the significance of equality between all living things in a fantastical and extraordinary way. All in all, the film has the right balance of action, adventure, and emotion that appeals to any audience, not just fans of Harry Potter.