College Decision Day. Seniors pull out their future college gear!


Gabby Lammers

Senior Michael Elwing goes all out in some red-and-white pin-striped overalls, a UW-Madison shirt, and a matching banner to show off his Badger pride!

May 1st. The college decision day for high school seniors across the country. For some, it was a stressful time picking the perfect college before the May 1st commitment deposit deadline. For others, it was a breeze, as they knew which college to commit to from the moment they were accepted.

At BC, seniors have a tradition of wearing their future college gear on May 1st. The Class of 2017 will scatter wide, with colleges spreaded from the east coast (Cornell) to the west coast (UC Berkley), with many in-between (DePauw) and many staying close to home (UW-Madison). Some have already joined the military and other occupations.

Thomas George
A group of BC seniors gather together for a photo with their college attire on Decision Day (May 1st). From left to right: Ryan Bohr, Sophie Bohr, Eugene Kim, Becca Lee, Sami Sommers, Gabby Lammers, Alice Zheng, Jane Gehringer, Hema Gharia, Taylor Latona, Rachel Laska, Kajal Khatri.

Stay tuned to the June issue of the Tyro for more information about the Class of 2017’s future plans!


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