More tricks than treats on Friday the 13th

Anna Sobczak, Reporter

This October brings us another possibility for the disaster and carnage associated with Friday the thirteenth. Throughout history, Friday the thirteenth has been viewed as an omen for bad luck. It’s one superstition that, no matter how silly it is, it still sticks with us today. The occurrence when the thirteenth falls on a Friday can happen as many as three times a year; however, it always occurs at least once a year.

This superstition is rumored to have started sometime in the Middle Ages, loosely based on the story of Jesus’s last supper and crucifixion when thirteen individuals were present on the Thursday before the dark, Good Friday. This certainly has merit, as this day in history was a very unlucky day for Jesus and his followers in Christian history. Another possibility came from another Friday the thirteenth in October, about sixty years from today, when Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of people from the order Knights Templar.

Whichever story caused the origin of this superstition, it still lead to today’s stories of bad luck to this day. Here are some crazy stories that will really make you consider if Friday the thirteenth, actually is, really bad luck.

A study in 1993 found that hospital rates related to car accidents went up 75 percent on Friday the thirteenth than that of the week earlier. Another crazy incident was recorded when a thirteen year old teen was struck by lightning on the thirtieth at 13:13 military time. Coincidence?

Bus driver, Bob Renphrey decided to pack Friday the thirteenth day altogether. Bob says that the date has constantly meant bad luck for him since it has led him to lose his job, fall into a river, and crash a motorcycle.

So, do you think Friday the thirteenth really means bad luck, or is it simply just a date?