Student Voice Column: Hallway Policies

There’s a new policy in town, and by town I mean school, and by policy I mean a rule that was made due to the actions of like three people that ruined everything for everyone (not everything, but I like the drama).

So anyway, here’s the deal: a new policy was put into place like two days ago at the time of this paper being written (today is May 20th), and in essence it says that students may not be out of class without supervision.

It’s meant to cut down on hall-roaming during class time, which I can totally get, except like–let’s be real–just slap a lockdown on the people that actually wander the halls pointlessly (and be done with it?) instead of wrecking class-time for everyone.

This is all actually because I’m super salty that my group lost an entire block of work time on our project (that we physically can not bring into the classroom because it’s built into the [expletive] wall) and our substitute teacher flat out r e f u s e d to let us go work on it even after a teacher nearby agreed to keep an eye on us.

I think the idea behind the policy is fine, to be completely honest. But I think that there needs to be some discretion on how the policy is applied, because if students are going out into the hallway to be productive, then they should be allowed to, and if they’re going just to fool around, then padlock them to a desk. I literally do not care about them except for the fact that their actions are wrecking my learning experience.