Venom falls short of Marvel standard

Although Venom is portrayed as a soul-sucking parasite in the film, a YouTube video by the Film Theorists has put up some evidence that says the opposite may be true. You can check it out at

Venom was truly an overall underwhelming experience. The film mainly consists of a cliche and unoriginal plotline, overused villain archetypes, and an underdeveloped (and practically irrelevant) love-interest.

Essentially, guy loses girl because of his pride, goes on to have a midlife crisis, discovers a millionare using advanced resources for malicious purposes, then stops the fool genius rich-kid from destroying the world with the ex-girlfriend coming to rescue him.

Despite its major downfalls, Venom had a variety of high points, starting with the film connecting to the original Spider-man trilogy through a reference to the Daily Globe incident from Spider-man 3.

Another positive from the film came during the fight sequence between the symbiotic protagonists and antagonists, which was perfectly attention-grabbing.

A third (and notable) highlight to the movie was in the clear dedication of Tom Hardy (who portrays Eddie Brock) in several grotesque scenes that happen at the beginning of the movie, including a part where Hardy eats chicken from the depths of a garbage can.

To put it simply, this anti-hero movie is enjoyable but falls flat of the benchmark set by its hero counterpart, Spider-man: Homecoming.

2 out of 4 stars