DC manages to stay above high water in Aquaman



It seems like DC’s finally getting on the superhero trend that took over pop culture in the past few years. While Marvel definitely has a monopoly on the superhero-film industry, Aquaman seems to be proof that Marvel isn’t the only talent out there.

Let’s be real: the DC comic franchise doesn’t exactly have the greatest record when it comes to movies. Of course, we can’t forget Wonder Woman in all of its empowering feminist glory, but it goes without saying that movies like Suicide Squad and Justice League did not live up to superhero movie standards (ahem, Marvel). So with all of this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that I went into the theatre to see Aquaman with low expectations.

I’ll be the first to admit it that I was wrong. In fact, I can honestly say that Aquaman has become one of my favorite superhero movies — right up there with Spiderman: Homecoming and Black Panther. And yes, it was unfair of me to form a negative opinion about something that I hadn’t seen solely based on my judgement of its relative movies. (There’s a deeper lesson hidden in there, somewhere.)

The main plot of Aquaman revolves around Arthur, the half-Atlantean/half-human who is the rightful (and reluctant) heir to the throne of Atlantis. He travels a long journey and faces many obstacles in order to to unite and save the seven kingdoms from destruction. There are several subplots that run alongside the main storyline, including but not limited to: a vengeful pirate armed to the teeth, a power-hungry monarch with a deceptive streak, and a mysterious lost trident that can only be wielded by the true king. All of this may seem tough to follow, but the movie does a great job of making sure that each subplot clearly ties into the primary one. The storyline doesn’t stray or go crazy with twists and turns, and by the end everything is wrapped up in a neat bow without any loose ends.

In addition to the expertly woven plot, the cinematography throughout the entire movie added to its energy. The action sequences were strong, the fantastical settings were beautifully designed, and the CGI was impressive. The characters were not vague or random; each had their own interesting backstory and role within the plot. Also, I have to acknowledge and appreciate the fierce female warriors throughout the movie who, both literally and figuratively, slayed.

In summary, Aquaman had the right amount of action, adventure, sentiment, and comedy, as well as a sprinkle of romance, that altogether creates an energetic and engaging movie. Plus, as an added bonus, Aquaman took a page out of MCU’s book and included a cliff-hanging mid-credits scene — which leaves me and many others very excited for the sequel.

3.5 out of 4 stars