Birdbox fails to fly above the hype

With incredibly fast paced action and an intriguing plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat, it is no surprise as to why Netflix’s Birdbox, received such an abundant amount of media attention. Based on Josh Malerman’s book (Bird Box), the whole story is derived from the idea that unknown forces can compel individuals to commit suicide when eye contact is made. This creates a storyline rather similar to that of A Quiet Place, where you are forced to give up a part of you that feels necessary for survival.

The sci-fi thriller commences with main character Mallory (Sandra Bullock) attempting to plant the strategy for survival in the heads of two kids, neither of which can be older than the youthful age of ten. Right as the three individuals are about to embark on their treacherous journey to some destination the audience does not know of yet, a flashback takes the viewers to five years ago. The day seems to start out normal: Mallory argues with her sister, they make amends, then they both see the doctor to check on Mallory’s baby. This all occurs on the brink of a new apocalypse, for shortly thereafter, a setting of demolition and destruction is displayed to the viewers. Humanity is shown to have little hope against the mysterious threat as the whole population is either committing suicide or seeking a safe place to wait out the world’s collapse. Separated from her sister, Mallory follows the example of many others and enters the nearest house which is already occupied by a few individuals. In this house, problems such as determining whether random strangers in need -and possibly affected by the unidentified forces- should be let in, how to obtain necessary resources without looking outside, etc, are addressed. All of the inhabitants responses, including Mallory’s, to the previously stated issues play a significant role as to how Mallory ends up lecturing two children on survival five years later.

While Birdbox does a superb job in grabbing the audience’s attention, there were just a few too many unanswered questions along with unrealistic outcomes. It certainly does not help that the Netflix production has such a large presence on social media, for it is extremely easy to go into the movie with high expectations, and finish rather disappointed. Essentially, the ending is just not entirely satisfying. With such a unique and eerie plot, one would expect a more emotionally captivating conclusion, but the producers do not deliver on this. Altogether, the movie is a recommend for any thrill seeker, but watching A Quiet Place has the same concept with exceptionally better execution.

2 our of 4 stars