Avengers: Endgame sets new box office record

The last movie of the Infinity Saga more than satisfies audiences [contains spoilers]



Avengers: Endgame brought together a cast of old favorites and new heroes, featuring all six of the original Avengers along with Antman, Rocket, and the newest heroine: Captain Marvel

The culmination of an era has arrived. The final installment of the ‘Avengers’ series was released on April 26, 2019, delivering nothing short of a shock to many fans. After 11 years, 3 phases, and 21 movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has united Earth’s mightiest heroes to create a world out of comic books for viewers young and old, and the ultimate climax has finally ascended. After the heartbreaking ending of Infinity War, fans eagerly awaited Endgame, although many were reluctant to see the franchise come to a close. “We’re in the endgame now,” Stephen Strange stated in Infinity War, showing the paucity of the situation and alluding to the dire consequences that followed. Pivotal characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, along with newer characters such as Captain Marvel (and many other superheroes) take on the task of protecting the universe and reversing the effects of Thanos’ snap. Avengers: Endgame boasts a wide and versatile range of actors who come together to produce the greatest superhero crossover in history.

Superheroes such as Ant-Man and Hawkeye, who did not appear in Infinity War, play pivotal roles in Endgame, Ant-Man going so far as to introduce the time travel concept that the plot revolves around. Original members of the Avengers are introduced with drastic physical changes, such as Bruce Banner who has permanently become the Hulk while retaining his Banner brain and Thor who has significantly gained weight in a fit of depression.

The movie’s slogan, “whatever it takes” emphasizes the immense weight of the Avengers’ actions and their willingness to sacrifice anything to regain the half of the universe that was wiped. The entirety of the MCU combines to defeat the mad titan Thanos, a theme that has been haunting the Avengers since the beginning of the franchise.

This film deeply explores the themes of sacrifice and loss as the audience and the MCU says goodbye to two of the most beloved original Avengers, Iron Man and Black Widow. Although it was severely heartbreaking, Tony Stark’s death marks the end of his character arc which began in 2008 with Iron Man. Arguably the most important superhero in the MCU, Tony Stark singlehandedly kicked off the blockbuster franchise. Black Widow, also known as Natasha Romanoff, performed the ultimate sacrifice in the film providing closure for her character and erasing the “red in her ledger.” However, the deaths of these defining characters will remain heavy in fans’ hearts, leading the MCU down a path that they cannot return from.

Breaking box office records, Avengers: Endgame made $1.2 billion within its opening weekend, surpassing its prequel, Infinity War (which made $640 million during opening weekend). Endgame received a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, almost 10% higher than the 84% approval rating received by Infinity War. The film garnered generally favorable reviews and has earned high praise from critics and the public. Sandie Angulo Chen from Common Sense Media gushes, “The Russo brothers’ poignant, powerful finale more than lives up to the hype: It’s a thrilling conclusion and a deeply emotional exploration of loss and love, duty and honor, friendship and family.”

Endgame currently holds the #2 position in the highest grossing movies of all time, second only to Avatar, and it doesn’t show any signs of reduced revenue.
The last movie of Phase 3 is Spider-Man: Far From Home, set to release on July 2. Fans are left to wonder how Peter Parker will cope with the demise of Iron Man, who acted as his father-figure. Future movies for a possible Phase 4 have not been announced, leaving an air of uncertainty for viewers who await. The finale of the Infinity Saga leaves fans in tears, with the only thing left to do is kiss the beloved franchise goodbye, and say, “MCU, we love you 3000.”

Four out of four stars