Marching Band

For BC’s XXX member band program, the fall marching season is one of the highlights of the year. From pep band tunes throughout the game, to the school song to celebrate touchdowns, and the extravagant half-time shows, countless hours of preparation and hard work goes into their performances.

Preparations for the football season begin long before the start of the school year. Each August, band members, as well as additional members in drumline and color guard, meet bright and early for band camp, which typically lasts three days. There, freshmen and new members are welcomed and returning members are reunited as the band learns a variety of pep tunes, memorizes the half-time songs, and perfects marching skills.

All of these basic principles are carried over into the school year, where band practice often gets more rigorous as the performances approach. Aside from the hard work that happens in class, the drumline and color guard hold additional morning rehearsals multiple times a week, as well as the full band rehearsals at night. These night rehearsals typically last from 6:50-9 and are held one to two times a week on the turf.

There is a lot more to marching band than meets the eye. First of all, there are many technical aspects to marching that might not be obvious to spectators. However, these technical aspects, including roll-stepping, reading drills packets, and dynamics, make the marching band look and sound so seamless and synchronized.

Also not visible to the typical spectator are the friendships and bonds formed within the band program. Students in different clubs, sports, activities, and grades are united through band, creating a large network of friendships. “In the program, band in general and in marching band, everyone gets along and has a great attitude,” Hannah Pyatetskiy (16’) said.

After hosting the annual chili feed prior to the homecoming football game, performing in the homecoming parade at Fairview South, as well as performing in the many home football games this season, the hard work of the BC marching band has certainly been paying off.