Ana Knutson (’22) and her MSOE volleyball signing

Ana Knutson (‘22) has been playing volleyball for BC since her freshman year: she has been playing the sport for 6 years. Knutson recently  signed to Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) where she will be majoring in biomedical engineering. When asked about why she decided to sign for MSOE she shared that, “I am very academically focused and MSOE is a school [where] I can really focus on my academics and learn about the things that I want to learn”.  She added that, “I’ve always wanted to go into something that is very heavy in science and math.” In addition to talking about her academic plans for the future, Knutson talked about how she has always wanted to pursue volleyball and explained, “the combining of the two [ volleyball and academics] was a perfect mix for me.”

Knutson hopes that the closeness of the girls on her team this year will continue into her college experience; she believes that communicating well with her teammates is essential to a good team.  The lessons Knutson has learned in volleyball have helped her in various aspects of life, including school. For instance, Knutson shared that building mental toughness is a big part of volleyball: she loves the team aspect of the sport and how each position is important.

 Knutson is very excited to continue her academic and athletic career at MSOE. Knutson is looking forward to meeting new friends and making strong connections with her new teammates!