A New Album from John Legend


John_Lill (Wikimedia Commons)

John Legend performs at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle on his “Made to Love tour.” Photo by John Lill

Famous songwriter and lyrical genius, John Legend, is back at again with the release of his 8th album ¨LEGEND¨.  Produced by Ryan Tedder, it is a vibrant album expressing sensations of joy, pain, healing, and praise.  If you enjoy listening to R&B/Soul music,  ¨LEGEND¨ is the album for you.

With John´s first album being produced in June of 2002, it blew up with over 116,000 copies sold in the first week.  He´s been a hit since.  He´s 43 years old but says, ¨I´ve got a lot more coming.¨  ¨LEGEND¨ includes  24 songs:  “Rounds” ft. Rick Ross,  “Waterslide”, “Dope” ft JID, and many more.   The songs are being featured on Spotify, Soundcloud, Musi, Apple music, and other music streaming services.  Make sure to go check it out!