Freshman Feature Friday: Steven Hizmi

Most freshmen enter high school timid and afraid, especially of being “fresh meat” on the frightening (but nonexistent) “Freshman Kill Day.” Not this BC freshman. Meet Steven Hizmi, a football player on the BC football team. Hizmi’s worst fear of attending high school was not having trash cans in the bathrooms, which clearly shows his confidence. So far, his favorite aspect of high school is having “more time to learn and more choices for classes.” When asked about his favorite subject, Steven replied “Lunch ‘cause I eat.”

Along with playing football, Steven has immersed himself into the school culture by attending several extracurricular activities, including Key Club, Student Council, Red Kettle Club, and Deca. After school, Steven usually works out for football or starts on homework.  His Friday nights are more or less the same as every other day, but Steven says “I like to ‘skool’ kids like Jesús Hernandez (’18) and Ian Debbink (’18)  in a friendly game of basketball for fun” over the weekend.

When asked to describe himself in three words, Steven answered “I am amazing.”