Peter Pan: An Interview with Landon Quinney

Peter Pan: An Interview with Landon Quinney

Peter Pan Short Interview with Landon:

Q: How has the musical experience been this year compared to other years knowing that this is the last one for you in high school?

A: Nothing has really changed from knowing it’s my last show. The last night will just be be a sad one.

Q: What is your favorite song from this years musical?

A: “I Gotta Crow”

Q: What was your favorite musical for you entire high school career and your favorite character you’ve played?

A: My favorite has to be All Shook Up because I loved the dancing and playing the nerdy character of Dennis.

Q: What were your thoughts after flying for the role of Peter Pan for the first time?

A: I was very shocked when they first flung me through the window! Apparently I looked like a rag-doll, but now I have learned how to straighten my body and pose my legs.

Q: Do you plan to continue acting and singing in college?

A: Yes, I plan to major in performing arts.

Q: What do you want audience members to take away from seeing the musical? What would you say the message of Peter Pan is?

A: Youth is a very temporary state and we can only enjoy some things it offers during that time. When we grow up, we shouldn’t forget all our youth and act above it. You have to find a medium of youth and maturity.