Black Thanksgiving


Sam Liu

Approximately 70 people were lined up in front of Best Buy when it opened at 6 on Thanksgiving

Oh, how Thanksgiving has changed!  Marked by religious observances and large meals, the day has always commemorated each year’s events with gratitude. Starting last year, I didn’t see one tent propped outside Best Buy Thursday night at 10 PM. Why? Because national retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy now open on Thanksgiving afternoon. Three years ago, Black Friday started at 12 a.m. Friday. Last year, Black Friday started on Thursday at 6. This year, it began at 5. People complain about corporate selfishness encroaching upon family values, but I think Black Thanksgiving is a rather clever scheme, beneficial to the public. Here’s why from my point of view:

As a shopper, I went to Best Buy the past two years on Thanksgiving Day. Last year, I finished dinner, politely pretended I was interested in conversation, and took off to buy a cheap TV, iPad, and Bluetooth speaker. This year, by opening at 5, shoppers don’t have to make up lame excuses like I did to depart early from the dinner table. Instead, retail operators have graciously offered us the opportunity to arrive late to dinner: a far easier circumstance to explain yourself out of. Besides, your mom will feel secure knowing you aren’t standing out in the cold way past bedtime. Thanks to Black Thursday, instead of trying to rush dinner, you can now eat at peace knowing you already scored the best deal of the year. Oh, and you will be extremely pleasant toward your parents, since you’re the real winner who spent all their money.

Additional Black Friday shopping benefits

Arm strength conditioning: Stiffen those arms so people behind you can push their way to the front. Carrying that new 50 inch TV should help you bulk up too.

Gift ideas: Spending 40+ minutes in front of a store in 10 degree weather can reveal a lot about a person. I learned my dad needs a new watch for Christmas since his concept of 5 minutes is about 4 minutes too fast.