Holiday Foods with the Hartwigs

As October begins and fall in Wisconsin settles in, our lives turn to the cozy, family-time activities of autumn. Hayrides, corn mazes, trick-or-treating, thick sweaters and of course, the warm, comfort food we love like apple pie, thanksgiving dinner, hot soups and pumpkin everything. To get into the fall spirit, my cousin Natalie and I decided to try some fun autumn edition pumpkin and apple pie flavored treats. The following are some local yummy foods that will get anyone into the fall mood.

At our local Yo-Mama, just across from Brookfield Central, fall is in the air with their pumpkin and apple pie flavored frozen yogurts. Both are delicious and can make you feel like you are eating two pies at once. The pumpkin is very true to the flavor of pumpkin pie, with a good amount of cinnamon and other spices. Graham cracker yogurt, which tastes a little more like cake than real graham cracker, is a perfect complement to the pumpkin, and when swirled is like the crust of the pumpkin pie. The apple pie really does taste like apple pie as well, just with a little bit sweeter and artificial taste, but it’s still delicious. Again, graham cracker makes the perfect second flavor with this unique taste.

Just a few doors down in Ruby Isle, head to Pick ‘n Save to find Yoplait yogurt in a limited edition pumpkin pie flavor. Similar to Yo-Mama’s yogurt but even sweeter, and more of the full pie taste, this treat is perfect for the cozy days of fall. Add granola, and you’ve got the perfect October breakfast or after-school snack.

Also at Pick n Save, we found some Brach’s candy corn gummies in the candy aisle. They tasted as if gummy bears and candy corn were combined into one, and had a very buttery taste. Also in the sugary treat category, new apple pie cinnamon rolls by Pillsbury are also available, which were absolutely delicious and flavorful. They tasted like Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, but with a hint of pumpkin flavor and delicious pumpkin spice icing. The perfect combination with a glass of milk on a cold evening or for breakfast (I did both).

These are just a few of the many fun, limited fall edition foods that are available this time of year that we encourage you to try them for yourself too. There are always Pumpkin Spice Latte’s at Starbucks and Autumn Squash soup at Panera Bread to try as well. Have a fun, family-filled October, Brookfield Central!