When should X-mas music begin?

Immediately after Halloween, Christmas cheer was abundant all around. Radio stations began to play the holiday jingles, and everyone who hates Christmas music began their grumbling. It’s the “most wonderful time of the year.” However, the hiatus between Halloween and Thanksgiving is a time of confusion. What are we really supposed to be celebrating?

This year was especially perplexing. There was snow on the ground and Christmas in the air. What day is it? It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

To solve this problem of uncertainty, radio stations should refrain from playing Christmas music until the start of December. If it is played too early, people will want to watch Christmas movies and eat everything in peppermint flavors. Within the blink of an eye, everyone is living in Christmas Town, when it’s only the first week of November.

Celebrating holidays too early makes the actual season of holiday festivities insignificant and not as special. The whole feeling of Christmas will become overblown and then spent.

Save Bing Crosby for Christmas. Let’s not be hasty.