The when, where, what, why, who, and how of this year’s homecoming

Deeptansha Dwivedi, Reporter

Homecoming is one of the many reasons that high school students look forward to the start of the school year. But when is homecoming this year? Where is it? What is the theme? Why was it chosen? Who chose it? How was it chosen? Fear not, your questions will soon be answered!

This homecoming will be jungle themed. Other possible themes for this year’s dance included Arabian nights, Moroccan, Disney, and Hollywood. Themes for each year’s homecoming are brainstormed by Student Council the previous year ; to put this into simpler words, this year’s homecoming theme was chosen last year. The executive board of Student Council chooses the final theme for the next year’s homecoming out of the themes Student Council comes up with. Clearly, a lot of thought goes into homecoming and the homecoming theme.

This year, homecoming will be held on September 26th, a Saturday. It is going to take place from 8-11 pm. Make sure to come by 9 pm to the dance or else you will not be let in. Tickets for homecoming will were sold from the 14th to the 18th at all lunches. Make sure to come to the dance because this year’s homecoming is sure to be grrrrreat, and I’m not lion about that!