French Club shows support in Paris Tragedy


Téalin Robinson, Editor-In-Chief

In support of the French, the BC French club hung streamers in hallway in the form of the French flag in the window of the foreign language. Displaying the French peace sign, the French club reminds BC students that “Our thoughts are with France.” A night of revelry turned into tragedy Friday, November 13 when terrorists attacked six locations, including a football match and the Bataclan concert venue in Paris, France. This massacre,  with ISIS claiming responsibility, caused at least 120 deaths and about 280 injuries. The attack was committed through shootings and suicide bombings. It is confirmed that all eight terrorists are dead; however, police will continue to search for accomplices. President Barack Obama told reporters the US stands with France, and the attack was not just on the French, but all of humanity. In an address, French President François Hollande told the nation to be strong in the face of tragedy.