Orchestra Gives “Spook-tacular” Performance

Eugene Kim, Opinions Editor

On Friday, Oct 23, the Brookfield Central orchestras, directed by Dr. Haney, presented their annual Halloween Spooktacular Concert at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center.  Accompanied by members of the wind ensemble, the symphony and chamber orchestras played over an hour of Halloween-themed music.

The performance began with a dramatic opening. The chamber orchestra played the first piece as the curtains were raised to reveal various colorfully costumed performers. Smoke began to cover the stage, and the other performers marched their way down the aisles of the theater. Following the opening piece was a performance of themes from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, written by Hans Zimmer, featuring an electric cello solo by chamber cellist John Turco (’16).

Midway through the concert was a performance of the familiar Addams Family Theme, written by Vic Mizzy, complete with percussion instruments such as the cowbell and slide whistle. As part of a Spooktacular tradition, the costumed children in the audience were invited to participate in a costume parade during this performance. Afterwards was the popular Michael Jackson song Thriller, with chamber violinist Cassidy Mazurek (’16) on the piano and visually enhanced by a dance prepared by symphony members Courtney Colas (’18), Kemari Moore (’19), Aiyanna Primer (’17), and Ravina Sachdev (’19).

The penultimate piece of the concert was an arrangement of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Richard Meyer, performed by the chamber orchestra. The performance was accompanied by chamber cellist Josh Fernandez’s (’16) narration of the original short story, telling the tale of Ichabod Crane, Katrina von Tassel, and the Headless Horseman. Afterwards, for the final piece of the night, the full orchestra performed The Phantom of the Opera, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which featured a vocal solo of Think of Me by chamber violinist Amber Soik (’16).

After the concert, an instrument petting zoo was held for the younger audience members. Students were set up in various locations around the lobby outside the theater to demonstrate each of their instruments, signing off on children’s petting zoo “passports” for each visit. Visitors could get an up-close look at different instruments that were played throughout the concert, including the viola, bassoon, double bass, oboe, and many more.

All in all, the Brookfield Central orchestra and wind ensemble provided a sophisticated and entertaining performance. With a collection of enjoyable pieces and plenty of features to further enrich the music, the concert provided both an auditory and a visual delight for audience members of all ages.

The orchestra will also be performing in two upcoming events. Both orchestras will perform at the Holiday Lights concert Dec 21 at the Wilson Center, and the chamber orchestra will perform alongside the choirs at the Sacred Concert  Dec 13 at St. Mary’s Parish in Elm Grove.