Juniors recognized for leadership skills

Becca Yi, Activities Editor

Thirty students at BC were nominated as Wisconsin Leaders of Tomorrow by various staff members. The 2016 nominees from the Class of 2017 include the following: Michael Anderson, Olga Boukhvalova, Catie Conlon, Rachel Davel, Michael Elwing, Cassie Fosdick, Hema Gharia, Claire Haynes, Stephanie Jarecki, Emily Johnson, Kristina Kulpins, Eugene Kim, Taylor Latona, Drew Miner, Megan Moretti, Victoria Pipia, Ananya Rajaraman, Mandi Rian, Joey Schindler, Emily Smith, Kiley Smith, Sarah Uczen, Shreyans Udani, Vivian Walbrun, Rebecca Yi, Marissa Zepecki, and Alice Zheng.

The Wisconsin Leaders of Tomorrow program, organized at Brookfield Central by Mrs. Stephanie Kelly, allows staff to recommend students who display leadership in a sport, activity, or club for participation in a scholarship program. In order to officially accept this nomination, the students must submit a leadership resume, write a social issues essay, participate in an interview, and attend a workshop and awards ceremony. Those who have completed these requirements will be evaluated for various awards, which will be announced this fall.

“I think the hardest part is staying on top of everything and making sure you have mailed it in on timebecause there’s no advisor to remind you when the different steps are due,” said Latona, who was nominated by Mrs. Megan Fisher for her leadership in DECA. “I’m honored to have been nominated. The process uncovered qualities within myself I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered.”

The nominated students are about halfway done with the process. Nominees have completed the social issues essay and now must plan to conduct an interview with a member of the business community to wrap up the application. As the award date slowly approaches, BC is extremely proud to have these student leaders represent the school and community.