Teachers ship themselves 2.0

Becca Yi, Activities Editor

Valentine’s Day is done and over, but the hearts of teachers at BC are still wide open to love. Some wish for a close-knit friendship, while others swoon over a perfect romance.

Dr. Marc Stanke says that he fancies a friendship with economist John Maynard Keynes. The dynamic duo would start their day “playing cribbage or cards and drinking coffee as the stock markets open.” After a few friendly rounds of cards and “investing speculatively” for approximately one hour, Dr. Stanke imagines they “would go off to the library or bookstore to listen to a new author’s ideas about economic growth.”

Throughout the day, they would “lament how misguided and short-sighted the current policy makers are,” as well as argue over how to improve the international finance system; after their heated debates, they would always return to being friends. To end the day, the two friends would “lunch with our ballet dancer wives and attend a salon hosted by Ayn Rand and convince her why her ideas were anachronistic and pedantic.”

“We’d get along famously,” said Dr. Stanke.

Señora Michalak pictures herself together with Arturo Iglesias, from the well-known Spanish educational drama Destinos. Though the handsome Argentinian fancied Raquel Rodriguez throughout the series, Sra. Michalak figures she could win him over.

According to Sra. Michalak, Iglesias is quite the romantic: “He is a wonderful chef, preparing the finest meats under the starlit sky,” said Sra. Michalak. As seen in Destinos, he is an expert in preparing the perfect date. They wouldn’t worry about conflicts, as Iglesias is a psychiatrist.

“If there were to be a conflict, he would handle [it] with the juggling of fruits.”

The two would start their day arm-in-arm at the market, choosing only the freshest foods. After returning, they would “take and develop photographs that will be forever cherished on my end table.”

Sra. Michalak says, “We must relive our favorite date and take a ride on the rowboat in the middle of the Rosedal Park” and have lunch on Hector’s boat. The evening would come, and they would end the day, very romantically and beautifully, with stargazing on a hill.