Lancer Lounge delayed until second semester

Kevin Jacobson, Reporter

Many people in the student body are likely wondering why the Lancer Lounge project was delayed after being proudly announced the previous year. Sponsored by Collectivo Coffee, the idea was first introduced to students last year as a way to purchase coffee and bakery items without having to leave the school building. This project was originally planned to be completed at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, so many people were surprised when they walked in on the first day of school and didn’t see the new addition to our school.

Why was the Lancer Lounge project delayed? When asked, Principal Brett Gruetzmacher said the delay was a result of “lack of funding.” He also said that there may be changes from the original idea of the Lancer Lounge so that it could be more affordable and sooner completed. He also stressed that safety and keeping up with things like health codes is their primary concern, even though it may make the project more costly. The administration and the Business Leadership club continue to search for new fundraising opportunities. They hope that they can get enough fundraising to get the Lancer Lounge project started by the second semester of this school year.