Maximum Ride film fails to meet expectations

Emily Otten, Reporter

Ever since the movie adaptation of Maximum Ride was announced back in 2007, long-time fans of the book series could barely contain their excitement for the action-packed movie adaptation of their favorite book series. However, the Maximum Ride train lost speed as the movie was continually postponed or cancelled for a variety of reasons. So when the long-awaited movie was finally released during the summer of 2016, fans were skeptical. Could the enthralling plot and intriguing characters transfer to the big screen in a way that would captivate audiences? After all of the excitement, the movie failed to receive favorable review.
The novel series by James Patterson follows the story of Maximum Ride and six genetically mutated children with wings as they try to escape the scientists who created them. While the books are captivating, the movie follows a different path. From low-budget effects, to a downright boring plot-line, Maximum Ride falls short. The witty and sarcastic movie characters seem dry in comparison to their book counterparts, and essentially little to no character development is made for any of the main characters. Not only does the plot show minimal resemblance to the book, but the entire story-line is gibberish to those who have not read the story, a clear indicator of why the movie was only released online. In fact, the plot took the viewers and fans to a confusing realm not at all like Maximum Ride, with effects that were laughable.
Even though Maximum Ride tried to appeal to movie-goers, it did not succeed in doing so. For fans, this movie was also a letdown, but readers took a walk down memory lane, remembering a beloved novel series. Though the movie version of Maximum Ride was disappointing, the books hold a place in fans’ hearts.