Artists prepare for Arts Extravaganza

Sophia Sun, Editor-In-Chief

Excitement is brewing for the 13th annual Fine Arts Extravaganza as Brookfield Central students work on their paintings, sculptures, prints, music, and ceramics in preparation for May 26. Every year, BCHS is transformed into an art gallery for a day with student artwork hanging throughout the halls. In past years, sculptures have been cleverly integrated into the school, from small ceramic structures in the library to ceiling high paper mache masterpieces in the stairwells. The glass cabinets and front hall are filled with a lot of student artwork as well.

“Since this is the first year that I’ve been in [any] art classes,” said Alena Huang (‘18), “I’m excited to be able to show all of my hard work to my friends during the Fine Arts Extravaganza.” For many art students, the Fine Arts Extravaganza (FAE) is the first opportunity for their artwork to be appreciated by an audience. This means a lot to students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to show off their artwork.

“Instead of taking my artwork home and letting it collect dust,” said Hannah Park (‘18), a student in Drawing II, “I’ll be able to display it for the Central community to see!”

The Fine Arts Extravaganza isn’t just for the artists, though. “I love the Fine Arts Extravaganza, and I can’t wait for this year because many of the pieces by Art Seminar and AP Studio will have my face on them!” said Nikki Ranney (‘18). “A lot of the students used my face as a reference, so I think it will be really funny to see my face around school.” Just by taking a glance, Ranney’s facial features are easily spotted in many students’ artwork and will certainly be a common sight on FAE.

On the day of, students at Brookfield Central will have the opportunity to go on gallery tours around the building to see, listen, and experience Brookfield Central’s art culture. Interactive stations will also be available for the communal creation of artwork. The Fine Arts Extravaganza celebrations in the past have given students the opportunity to create splatter paint paintings, spray paint in the courtyard, and attend tutorials that teach various and interesting artistic techniques.

The school-wide Fine Arts assembly has also featured performances by the orchestra, band, and choir.

“As musicians, it’s always great to have an audience,” said Sam Amore (‘17), a talented trombone player in the school’s wind ensemble, “and the Fine Arts Extravaganza assembly is no exception. Having a whole day dedicated to music and art is fantastic.”

The Fine Arts Extravaganza also recognizes students who have earned recognition in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Brookfield Central students are always up to the challenge, bringing back nominations and recognitions every year.

New twists to the assembly schedule have been included every year. One year, the teachers put together a video that featured them re-enacting their favorite paintings; another year, students directed a fashion show featuring duct-tape dresses that were designed and created by Brookfield Central’s very own.

With so many artists getting ready to show off their work, this year’s Fine Arts Extravaganza seems to be in good hands. From sculptures to symphonies, the Fine Arts Extravaganza is set to be a pleasure to the eyes and ears this May.