Despite funding obstacles, Lancer Lounge opens for students


Kirat Mohka

Chelsea Russell (‘18), Sam Shibilski (‘18), and Cami Herman (‘18) assist a customer in the newly opened Lancer Lounge. As members of the Business Management class, theses three seniors help manage the Lancer Lounge while gaining experience in what it means to run a business.

Kevin Jacobson, Online Editor

From the start of last year, BC students have been awaiting the opening of the Lancer Lounge. Much to their disappointment, the Lancer Lounge was continously postponed as the year progressed. At last, the wait is over. The Lancer Lounge officially opened Thursday, December 7.

Many students are probably curious as to why the Lancer Lounge project was delayed. The Lancer Lounge, sponsored by Colectivo Coffee, was first introduced early last year to the student body as a way to purchase coffee and bakery items without having to leave school. This project was originally supposed to be completed at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year.

Many people were surprised when they walked in on the first day of school and didn’t see the Lancer Lounge. So why was the Lancer Lounge project delayed? When asked, Mr. Gruetzmacher said the delay was because of a “lack of funding”. He also said that there may be changes from the original idea of the Lancer Lounge so that it could be more affordable and completed sooner. He also stressed that keeping up with subjects like safety and health codes is their primary concern even though it may make the project more costly.

For now, however, the Lancer Lounge is open and running. Located in the back corner of the cafeteria, it has been visited by students and staff alike. While there are some mixed opinions on the Lancer Lounge, it seems to have been well received overall. As stated by Janani Sundar(‘19), the Lancer Lounge is “a unique addition to our school that will greatly benefit the students.”

Although the school is still looking for more substantial sources of funding, the projected future tells us that the Lancer Lounge will continue to provide BC students and staff with their daily servings of coffee.