First female POTUS in House of Cards

Harshmann Sihra, Reporter

The iconic ending of season 5 of this popular Netflix-original has had fans anticipating Season 6 for a long time. The series presents a dystopian take on the political world of Washington DC. For the majority of the series, it shows the rise of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), from the majority whip of the Democratic caucus to Vice President to President. All the while, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) stays in the shadow of her husband, which eventually develops into a power struggle, and her running for VP side-by-side her husband.

While Claire is faced with the dilemma of being under Frank’s shadow for the majority of the series, her situation changes in the final season. Right from the get-go, Claire is thrust into a problem-filled world with a new powerhouse family, the Shepherds. In addition, the media is busy at work attacking Claire from every angle; she has to face sexism and receives various death threats.

Another popular character, Douglas Stamper (Michael Kelly) is featured heavily in the last season, where he remains the only living person who’s loyal to Frank. Until his death, of course, in the very end of the grand finale. His murderer? Someone you might know… It was indeed Claire herself. In this captivating fictional tale that involves coup d’etats, power struggles and murder, the show truly enchants audiences of all sorts.