Hydroflasks: BC’s favorite bottle


Neha Ajjampore

“My hydroflask is amazing! It keeps my water cold for the whole day and because of it, I have glowing skin. #hydrationnation!” – Kennedee Henry (’20)

Emily Otten, Online Director

There’s a new trend sweeping through every classroom in America that is more fashionable than the Met Gala, just as overpriced as Kylie Lip Kits, and more obnoxious than fidget spinners. That’s right, the newest fad for high schoolers are Hydroflasks. Hydroflasks might be one of the strangest trends to date due to the fact that they seemingly blew up overnight. Can anyone really remember the first time they saw one, or did they all just suddenly appear in the backpacks of every teen girl?

This of course is not the first time a trend of a certain style of water bottles has appeared, after all, Swell bottles were quite popular at the end of last year, but somehow died out over the summer and were replaced by Hydroflasks.

Now, what makes a Hydroflask so desirable? The Hydroflasks have tough, stainless steel exteriors that are painted with vibrant colors and adorned with the iconic Hydroflask logo, so they basically just look like normal water bottles. Though, the Hydroflask website advertises these features as making “…more than just a water bottle…” with their slogan being “Colder. Hotter. Longer. Happier.”

Because of all the things in the world, the one thing that can truly make you happy is a water bottle. The feature that really sets Hydroflasks apart from the rest of the boring, average water bottles is the ear-splitting noise it makes when it inevitably crashes to the ground in the middle of class. That clanging sound can really make a classroom so much more interesting as the wails of a teenager can be heard complaining about the massive dent that was made.

Something else that makes Hydroflasks unique are the exorbitant prices, which range from $30 to $60. The normal, 18 Oz bottle with a normal design costs nearly $30 while other bottles with a similar insulated design only cost around $15. Though, highly priced water bottles have always seemed to be a trend, the Swell bottles cost from $25-50. But you see, the difference between the Hydroflasks and Swell bottles is that you can order stickers to put on the Hydroflasks, which makes a normal water bottle even more expensive, and of course, even trendier.

To some a Hydroflask might seem overpriced and overrated, and they’re right. The design of the bottle isn’t unique in any regards and can be found at just about any drugstore for a much lower price, additionally, the tough yet somehow easily dentable metal makes the Hydroflask totally not worth the $30. But in the end, does it really matter how much a basic water bottle costs as long as it’s trendy?