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Back-to-school excitement

Elianne Del Campo, Editorials Editor

October 4, 2018

As August comes to an end, the late summer nights leave as well. These past three months have gone by faster than ever, and the countdown to the end of summer gets closer and closer by the minute. It is time to get mentally ready for the start of another school year. Some students are thrilled to start fresh, while others are...

Summer gym students warming up before class. It might look painful, but believe it when people say that  summer gym’s worth it

Always stay fit and take summer gym

October 3, 2018

Physical education is a class that, if given the option, many would choose to opt out on. Who would want...

Bella Post (‘20) and Leah Cape (‘20), working on their summer school homework together.

Summer School: another opportunity at the comfort of your home

October 2, 2018

Summer school is an amazing opportunity for students. If you get a bad grade in a class and you aren’t...

Retail stores struggle to survive among online shopping

Retail stores struggle to survive among online shopping

June 8, 2018

You’ve probably heard the news. The Boston Store at the Brookfield Square Mall is closing. Let’s...

Editorial Contest Winner: Kevin Jacobson “Enough Gun Violence”

Kevin Jacobson, Online Editor

April 9, 2018

How many more people have to die before the government takes action? There is a direct relationship between gun availability and gun violence. Everyone already knows this, but no politician will ever take action because the gun lobby and the NRA have too much power for any politician to mount a significant campaign against...

The worst week in May

Neha Ajjampore, Activities Editor

April 9, 2018

Throughout the years of most students, there are a few times year when stress levels are high and nerves run rampant. For seniors, it’s college applications; juniors have standardized tests like the ACT. But one common thread between all grades is the elevated pressure that comes with AP (advanced placement) exams, which...

AP Exams: Worth it?

Elianne del Campo, Features Editor

April 5, 2018

The cost of AP Exams increases by about 1 or 2 dollars every year. Therefore, as upcoming classes decide whether to take an AP Exam or not, price starts to become a great factor. Since the price ranges around $100, would taking the exam “pay off” in the long run? The answer is different everyone. It highly depends...

 Abhinav Mahesh( '19) looking up his AP scores online

The untold story of an AP grader

April 5, 2018

Mr. McBride — AP European History, World History, and future AP Seminar teacher — shared his thoughts...

Homework for the Holidays?

Julianne Sun and Neha Ajjampore

January 9, 2018

THE CASE FOR: The term “winter break” is often associated with Christmas, snow, and lying around doing absolutely nothing. And let’s be honest: students would really prefer it to stay that way. Winter break, however, is inconveniently placed at the end of the second term—and right before final exams. It’s so easy...

Should we have an age limit on trick-or-treating?

Sam Patterson, Reporter

November 30, 2017

October, for most children, means ghosts, monsters, and trick or treating. Since the late 1920’s, American children have partaken in the act of knocking on doors and receiving candy, widely known as “Trick or Treating”. The candy, however, is only one part of this classic tradition, considering not one child leaves their...

Alice Zheng (‘17, right) with her roommate Kelsey Cho (left) from Nazareth Academy, IL.

Nah…you shouldn’t get a random roommate

June 8, 2017

There’s a common misconception that you must choose your best friend when picking a college roommate....

Mia Manney (‘17) holds up a question mark to represent her roomate at DePauw next year.

YES, you should get a random roommate!

June 8, 2017

Congratulations! You’ve likely been accepted to college and from there chosen one to commit to! There...

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