Fun on the Frolf Course

Allison Hartwig, Sports Editor

As summer approaches, the warming temperatures will bring many Wisconsinites out of their winter hibernation and outside into the fresh air. One sport which is growing in popularity, mixes the relaxation of golf with the fun of frisbees for a great sport in the summer time. Frisbee golf, also called disc golf or frolf for short, is a great summer activity, combining the long course and holes of golf with throwing or tossing frisbees. It’s a great group sport, and there are many frolf courses around the Milwaukee area.

According to Wikipedia, the first instance of frisbee golfing was back in 1926, but it didn’t become popular until the 1960’s. It has grown immensely in popularity since then, with the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and the Recreational Disc Golf Association (RDGA), both founded by Ed Headrick. Today, frolf is played by many of the same rules and terms as golf, including using putter and driver disks for certain shots.

Seniors Nick Peters and Alec Nitka often play for fun on the weekends. “My uncle introduced me, as well as my cousins and brother, to the sport. From there it spread to my friends. It’s a lovely way to get some leisurely exercise whilst spending time with friends.”, says Peters. Nitka, who was introduced to frolf by Peters, agrees. “It isn’t a super competitive sport. It’s more laid back and is more of a way to chill with friends. There aren’t many sports you can play while eating food and listening to music.”, says Nitka.

Around the local area, there are many courses to go and play frolf with friends. These include Sussex Village Park, Valley View Park, New Berlin Disc Golf Course, and Brown Deer Golf Course just to name a few. The boys both recommend Valley View Park because “it’s close and free,” (Nitka ‘15).

So, if you’re looking for a fun summer sport but want to relax with friends, look no further than frisbee golf.