Welcoming to BC: Mrs. Melissa Fogltanz

Eric Chen, News Editor

This year, Brookfield Central would like to welcome Mrs. Fogltanz to the Elmbrook School District. As a new addition to the BCHS science department, Mrs. Fogltanz teaches both regular chemistry and organic chemistry. Having taught the subject for ten years at New Berlin West, her love of teaching stemmed from her early interest in science as well as her mother’s influence, who was a math teacher at Brookfield Central.

“Teaching a science class just seemed to fit,” she said.

Through her eleven-year career, her favorite aspect of being a teacher is the students.

“I like teaching a difficult course such as chemistry,” said Mrs. Fogltanz. “I enjoy the challenge in getting students to appreciate it.”

For Mrs. Fogltanz herself, some of the science’s appeals lie in how it can explain why things react and behave the way they do. In addition, she stated that the math aspects of the subject are some of her favorite parts, and the interesting experiments conducted as part of the class only add to her passion for the subject.

Outside of her academic career, Mrs. Fogltanz enjoys spending time with her three children. Avid sports fans, she and her children enjoy almost any type of sporting event, cheering together for their favorite team.