Flip your wardrobes – Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Elli Haris

Mother Nature is at it again…it’s beginning to get a bit chilly out. And although we Wisconsinites believe that we’re always prepared for the cold winter days, we never seem to be completely ready. Even the most devout weather-app checkers must be prepped for the morning we all wake up and realize that it’s winter, so I’m here to help.

Although your silky, thin blouse, pleated skirt, and denim jacket, your skinny jeans and t-shirt, and your favorite thin sweater may have been your go-to pieces for this fall, it’s about time you flip your wardrobe into winter. Making this seasonal fashion shift really isn’t too difficult, with a few key changes.

As for tops, it truly is as simple as throwing on a chunky knit sweater. For this holiday season, Forever 21 (men AND women) is carrying a wide variety of affordable, yet adorable, cozy sweaters. Do NOT be fooled – you don’t have to empty out your wallet to stay warm! In addition, large, statement coats are making an appearance this year, such as dark-colored overcoats, fuzzy faux-fur coats, and long, structured jackets. If you’re a lady, I recommend that you look into Nordstrom Rack’s coat and jacket selection. If you’re a man, Topman (the male version of Topshop) is a great place to find a quality structured coat. We’re sick of wearing “cute” winter jackets that don’t really keep us that warm…it’s time to actually be nice and toasty in our stylish, yet comfy attire.

As for bottoms, some changes must be made. Gals: there is no need to put your short skirts away! Pull on some knee-high or thigh-high socks with that cute skirt you wore all autumn, and you’re good to go. Also, midi skirts are super in this season, but if you aren’t into the long skirt trend, jeans are always a great go-to staple piece. But boys, PLEASE do not kid yourselves by claiming that you “aren’t cold” in your beloved khaki shorts when the temperature significantly drops. You can do without those until the spring. When it gets cold out, pants are a must! In fact, wool pants for men are extremely in right now, and they look amazing. Clothing stores like JCrew and Banana Republic have some great wool pants, so check those places out.

Now, let’s talk about what we’re all undeniably looking forward to: the holidays. On many occasions, others have advised us of specific fashion tips, such as refraining from wearing holiday-themed sweaters on our day(s) of celebration. My response, however, is this: if you feel as though you pull it off, do it! Break any and every fashion “rule” this holiday season, as you see fit. Wear a fluffy white sweater after Labor Day. Pair a comfy snowflake-print turtleneck with some cute skinny jeans. Throw on an oversized Santa hoodie. Do what YOU want! As long as you’re staying warm and looking fresh this winter, make yourself happy.