Gymnastics team wins big


Olga Boukhvalova

The Brookfield Gymnastics team rose to great heights this 2015-16 season, dominating along the way.

Olga Boukhvalova, News Editor

In just a couple of years, the Brookfield Gymnastics team has risen to the top in strength and in numbers. They have become one of the most competitive teams in the State, dominating both the JV and varsity levels in the North Shore Conference, becoming the Sectional Champions in the Arrowhead Sectional, and breaking the previous highest team score in history. All of this just goes to show how far teamwork and determination can take a team.

From the very beginning of this season, the Brookfield combined team had their season goal in mind at every practice and meet: to become conference champions. After coming in second in the 2014-2015 season, it only made sense to go for the gold this time around. Coaches Erin Kokta, Tricia Seibel, and Amanda Kohnke motivated the girls to push themselves and never give up.

Even with tough practices and challenging meets, the gymnasts kept their eyes on the prize and supported each other every step of the way.

Once at the conference meet, the team kept a positive attitude and performed their absolute best, which brought them to victory. In the moment that Brookfield Gymnastics was called to the podium, every gymnast and coach was filled with pride at how their hard work had paid off. In addition to winning the overall meet, the girls won nine out of the ten individual events and had many more receive places in each one.

After conference, the varsity team moved on to the sectional competition, and displayed their best performance yet, in hopes of qualifying for the state competition for the second year in a row. At this meet they broke the previous school record for highest team score and took home the title of Sectional Champions. In addition to moving on to WIAA State as a team, three gymnasts qualified for the individual competition: Lexi Romero (‘18), Caitlin Locante (‘17), and Amanda Pennow (‘16), all of whom swept the podium in the all-around and placed in many single events as well.

The state competition held March 4th and 5th, brought the season to a great close. At the team meet on Friday, every girl performed with her heart and focused on the team as a whole, and at the end of the meet every one of them had something to be proud of. Day two of state was where the previously mentioned individual qualifiers really showed their strength. Just like at sectionals, all three of the gymnasts saluted the crowd on the podium for the All-Around event.

“This year was better than any other year up at state. I’m beyond proud of all the girls. It was amazing to see these talented gymnasts compete as individuals yet support one another throughout the competition only to come together in the end on the podium like a team. They all competed with great sportsmanship, confidence, determination, and elegance, something a captain can only dream of witnessing,” said the team captain from Brookfield East High School, Allie Bullen (‘16).

The 2015-2016 season has been like no other for the Brookfield Gymnastics team, and the girls say they are sad that it is over. Hope Peterson (’16), the team captain from Brookfield Central had a lot to say about the season’s close.

“I am so proud of every single one of the girls on the team this year. Each of them have poured their hearts into this sport and dedicated an enormous amount of time to accomplish our goals. There is no better way to end my senior year than taking our team undefeated in the conference, conference champs, sectional champs and 4th at state! We have all grown so much not only as gymnasts but also individuals. All of the girls has transformed into flawless athletes and compassionate leaders. We are a strong team both physically and mentally and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of something so great,” said Peterson, “I can’t wait to come back next year and watch them continue to dominate!”