Distinguished Lancers walk away with pride from Soccer State

Ravina Sachdev , Features Editor

Over 400 BC soccer fans, drenched in white face paint, excitedly boarded the buses to cheer on the BC Boys’ Soccer team playing in the state semifinals against Marquette High School Nov. 3. After being admitted with the official red ink stamp, students filed into the bleachers, eagerly preparing for the Lancers to begin playing at Uihlein Soccer Park. As expected from the student body, there was a continuous flow of encouragement and positive spirit towards the players.
Principal Gruetzmacher appreciated this: “It was nice to see how the entire school rallied around the team and supported the boys. It was memorable for all players, especially the seniors.”
Posters of encouragement and glittery blue/silver pompoms circulated the student section over the course of the entire game. Every few minutes, a group of senior superfans wrote cheers on a whiteboard for the entire Lancer section to recite. BC students undoubtedly defeated the Hill Toppers in terms of supporting their school. Fans were impressed by the intense skill level displayed by the Lancer boys on the field. The Lancer passes were especially sharp and direct, making it difficult for Marquette players to interfere. Without a doubt, the two teams were well matched. Players from both teams aggressively fought over the ball. Needless to say, the Lancers fought hard and well from the first minute all the way to the last few seconds, despite a 3-0 loss.
The boys demonstrated great perseverance throughout the entire soccer match, and many can agree that the Lancer soccer team demonstrated sportsmanship and camaraderie towards Marquette before, during, and even after the game. The boys proved that one can indeed be victorious even if the scoreboard says otherwise.

*All photos taken by Brooks Walls (’18)