Girls Tennis smashing away competition


Lili del Campo (‘20) celebrates after taking on Arrowhead, giving her teammates a string of high fives.

Aparna Jayashankar, Editor-in-Chief

The Brookfield Central Girls Tennis team is smashing away their competition, one groundstroke, volley, and overhead at a time, as they near the end of a spectacular season. After scoring wins against strong competitors like New Berlin Eisenhower and Arrowhead, which was previously ranked sixth in the state, the they were among the top ten teams in the state of Wisconsin.

The team’s record is testament to the diligence, dedication, and motivation of every player on the team. With a season lasting a little over two months, the girls have attended practice or played a match every weekday and competed at all-day tournaments on many Saturdays since early August. As the team prepares for conference in late September and sectionals in October, they are hoping to earn a spot at state.

Last year, Sasha Semina (‘18) and Elianne Del Campo (‘21) both made it to the state tournament, an accomplishment that indicates how tirelessly the girls have worked and will continue to in the upcoming weeks.

The tennis team’s head coach, Coach Steinbach, has built one of the largest programs in the nation, with over one hundred Brookfield Central students participating in the girls tennis team. For him, the most important tennis players should remember this season is to enjoy the game of tennis. The girls who are a part of Central’s tennis program choose to return every year because of the team is a tightly-knit family of people who share a deep love for the game.

From pushing each other off tubes at a lake house to ordering Jimmy John’s every week, the girls tennis team prides themselves on team spirit. Throughout each match, the girls cheer on each other, motivating their fellow teammates to keep persevering and stay positive.

As Steinbach reflects, “Team spirit helps in the winning and the losing. If you’re out there on the court by yourself, it doesn’t make the wins feel that good and or help you when you’re losing.” In tennis, a game where mental toughness plays an instrumental role in how one performs, a positive attitude paired with supportive teammates is a powerful combination.

As the season winds down, we wish the team best of luck when they head off to sectionals to compete for a spot at the state tournament.