Ski team soon to hit the slopes


Lili del Campo (’20) participates in a grand slalom event. She has been on the varsity ski team since freshman year and is excited to hit the slopes once again

Andy Wang, Reporter

A slight drizzle of snow covers the ski mountain at Alpine Valley as the racing gates open and Brookfield Central’s most hardened skiers zip past the competition, carving skillfully as they pass the finish line.

Those who are bored of casual skiing, looking to improve their skiing skills, or simply seeking more opportunities to tear up the ski mountain will find comfort in the arms of the ski team. Comprised of many skiers ranging from casual to super competitive, the ski team begins vigorous weekly practice in late December.

The no-cut team meets on Sundays for two hours at the Ausblick ski hill, located in Sussex. The team hones their approach and technique in preparation for the six regular in season competitive slalom races in popular ski locations such as Alpine Valley or Little Switzerland. Although the team is training to ski fast, the practices are very relaxed. Whilst developing a complimentary team dynamic, the team learns to bond and enjoy skiing together.

Last season, the ski team worked hard to compete well, having multiple varsity skiers compete in the Wisconsin High School State Championship. This season, they hope to work even harder.

Jack McCardle (‘20), who skis as a member of the boys varsity team, feels very optimistic. “Last year we did super well, and I had a lot of fun,” he exclaims, “Getting to know the team and bonding in practices and races is something I will always enjoy.” Equipped with his trusty skis, he’s excited and ready for what the new season will offer.

Another boys varsity ski team member, Henry Whitfield (‘20), weighs in on the benefits of attending races, “I believe ski team is a great dining experience. I especially enjoy the food at ski races. Jack and I are always excited for that. Oh yeah, the skiing is fun too.” Seems like skiing is all-around a good time and good luck to those competing!