Reid (’19) accepts numerous awards for artwork submissions


Lily Pasd; Digital Art, Gold Key. Regarding her inspiration and artistic process, Reid says, “I love exploring the fantasy genre of stylized art, by seeing what otherworldly ideas I can portray while eliciting the best response from my audience.”

Bonnie Jin, Reporter

After months of hard work and preparation, the results for the Scholastic Art and Writing competition have been released! Students from all over the nation submitted their art and writing pieces to be judged by regional professionals and possibly go under national review as well. Brookfield Central always has a multitude of talented artists and writers, and this year was no exception.

Mackenzie Reid (‘19) was one of many students that received recognition for her work. She submitted three works — “Insecurities,” “Lily Pads,” and “Peace” — as well as a portfolio entitled “Spectrum.” There was no shortage of awards for her! “Insecurities” won an honorable mention, “Lily Pads” and “Peace” each won a Gold Key, and “Spectrum” won a Silver Key. The two pieces that received the Gold Key will be submitted for national review and judged once again.

Most of Reid’s pieces were created using a digital media, with the exception of “Insecurities” and a few portfolio pieces. A common theme in her artwork is the focus around issues in today’s society. According to Reid, the work that took the longest — over twenty hours in total — was one in her portfolio entitled “Ladders.” The piece is “…a social commentary on the detrimental treatment towards African Americans throughout the course of history,” she says. In this work, she chose to portray the dual nature of both serenity and uneasiness. She states that the piece is “…somewhat satirical, as it portrays a representation of the oppressed as resting and existing peacefully — with their faces, and subsequently their humanity, non-existent.”

Upon hearing that she had won awards, Reid was ecstatic. “Much of the dirty work of art is completing pieces and studies and letting them fade into the metaphorical void,” she says, “and Scholastic gives me the ability to showcase what I’ve worked at for my entire life.” As a senior, this was her last year to express herself through the Scholastic competition, and she has certainly done so. There’s no denying the talent that Reid possesses, and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!