“Double trouble”: BC Twins

Freshman Twins: Grace and George Katsekes

Birthday: September 3rd, 2003

Who’s older: George, by one minute

Similarity: Playing piano and board games

Difference: Grace swims and George likes playing video games

What is having a twin like?

Grace: “When you have a twin, you grow up with there being someone to share your memories with and when you’re apart there’s a sense of feeling lonely without them being there with you because there has always been someone right next to you for your whole life. On the other hand, it can be annoying (George especially!) and I’m stuck with him until graduation! There are also all of the ‘twin moments’ which occur sometimes and each one of them is special as a reminder of your close bond as siblings. I always worried about sharing a birthday with someone too, but it’s always turned out awesome every year! I can’t imagine a birthday alone. I’m grateful to have a twin and wouldn’t wish for it to be any other way!”

George: “I agree with what Grace said; it’s great to have someone there as support and knowing they’ll always be there for you as family. It’s not always perfect, but having a twin is such an important part of me; I’m glad I have Grace as a sister.”

Sophomore Twins: Gina and Joseph Alteri

Birthday: July 25th, 2002

Who’s older: Joseph, by one minute

Similarity: They both play sports

Difference: They are two different genders

What is having a twin like?

Joseph: “It’s like having a normal sibling. We’re always together on vacations and stuff. It’s nive having someone your own age. We’ve worn matching outfits a few times, kinda funny.”

Junior Twins: Mollie and Hannah Thomas

Birthday:Birthday: November 20th, 2001

Who’s older: Mollie is older by 6 minutes

Similarity: They are both in track

Difference: Mollie is more extroverted than Hannah

What is having a twin like?

Mollie: Having a twin is like having any other sibling, except that they’re in the same grade as you and you can’t get a break from them because they’re around at school and at home.

Hannah:Having a twin is honestly not as exciting as most people would think. We don’t have telepathic powers together or our own language, which is kind of a bummer because then I would be really excited about having an identical twin. In all honesty, it’s just like having any other sibling, but you see them ALL THE TIME! At times it’s annoying, but that’s just what happens when you have siblings. However, at the end of the day, we are on the “same level” you could say – we both finish each other’s sentences and truly understand the other’s sense of humor.

Senior Twins:Benjamin and Elizabeth Tan

Birthday: November 4th, 2000

Who’s older: Ben is older by 2 minutes

Similarity: Neither of them play any serious sports

Difference: Ben plays the viola and Elizabeth plays the violin