Meet Lennox Muth from Germany!

Jacob Smith, Reporter

If you haven’t already introduced yourself to him, meet Lennox Muth ´25. Lennox is a foreign exchange student and a sophomore at BCHS. With the help of ISE, (International Student Exchange) he was able to come here from Düsseldorf, Germany this fall. His life is a little different from the American one though, here is Lennox´s story.

Lennox was born in 2007 in Düsseldorf, Germany. He attended the Franz-Vaahsen Grundschule until he was 9 before moving to the Theodor-Fliedner-Gymnasium (local highschool). Whilst in Germany, he played American football, football (soccer), and tennis. Last March he injured his hip, putting a pause on his athletics.  He didn’t let that stop him though, he still goes to the gym quite often throughout the week here in Brookfield at Elite Sports club.  Currently he is living with Alex Ignacio ´25 until the end of the semester. ¨Lennox works very hard in school and works hard to keep his life balanced.  We are great friends and my family gets along well with him.¨Says Alex (´25). They enjoy going out to eat, seeing friends, and working out together. Overall, they have a great relationship and Lennox says he’s grateful to be living with the Ignacio’s.  

Although Lennox´s transition was very smooth, he’s still noticed some large differences in America.  Some eye openers were the variety of after school activities, the fact that sports are done through school here, where there are only clubs in Germany.  The driving age here is much lower compared to 18 in Germany. The houses in Germany have much less yard space and are much smaller and are built from brick even on interior walls.  The drinking age in Germany is 16 which may seem low for us but to Lennox, it is completely normal. The food here is much greasier and in larger quantities, his favorite food being the Culver’s Chicken strips. One thing America lacks is the Autobahn he says. The autobahn is a federal-owned highway in Germany with no speed limit. He has topped 140mph driving on the autobahn!  

Overall Lennox has enjoyed his new friends, classes, activities and even the food here in America.  If you see him in the halls, introduce yourself and make his experience here a little better.