A director’s peek inside the Dixon Elementary Nutcracker

Becca Yi, Activities Editor

What started as a neighborhood production in a basement has evolved throughout the years to become Dixon Elementary’s production of the Nutcracker. Emma Favill (‘17) remembers how she would stage a small performance of the Nutcracker with neighbor Madison Linnihan, a former co-director and BC alumna. When reflecting on her own Dixon days, Favill is slightly disappointed that her elementary school “didn’t have a production like other grade schools”. She wishes to continue “giving the Dixon students the ballet performance experience” and share her own love for dance.


This is her second year as the sole director of the Nutcracker, and she remembers that running the entire production herself for the first time“came as a bit of a shock”. Favill admits the whole process was challenging, but that it went more smoothly this year after getting a feel for directing. Fortunately, Dixon parents “did a fabulous job” by volunteering during the performances, and Madison Linnihan assisted backstage for one show.


As for the kids, Favill was “quite impressed with them” during rehearsals and performances. Over seventy dancers participated in the annual Nutcracker performance, and surprisingly stayed on task the majority of the time. But as always, there were a handful of things that went wrong.


“Is there ever a performance where something doesn’t go wrong?” says Favill. Despite the Nutcracker’s hat falling off during the school show and some boys pretending swords were air guitars on stage, the performances brought joy to audiences.
The Nutcracker is an especially meaningful production, because all proceeds are donated to the Fisher House, an organization aiding the families of wounded soldiers. This year the production raised a total of $4,296.79, and Favill says was she delighted to present the sum to the Fisher House. The amount was “more than we have ever raised before,” says Favill, extremely proud of the entire cast. Favill plans to pursue her own passion in the visual arts after graduating and passing on the directing role so students can continue to experience dance.