Lancer Way Awards

Krishna Gopal, Reporter

     To conclude term 3, the Lancer Way Committee held the 3rd set of Lancer Way Awards May 11, as an opportunity for teachers to recognize exceptional students who had demonstrated the Lancer Way last term.

     First off, in   9th grade, Mrs. Michalak awarded Joe Wallner with the freshman male Lancer Way Award, and freshman Sophia Khan received the award from Mrs. Fisher.

     The sophomore winners included Michael Dragotta, who received an award from Mr. Thompson, and Abbey DeLaet, who was presented the award by Mr. Nellis

     For the juniors – Mrs. Linnihan presented Ben Karbowski with the male award. Both Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Ordinans recognized an exceptionally hard-working Jené Kramer for her outstanding performance this term.

     And finally, in the senior class, Mr. Pendowski presented the 12th grade male award to Christiaan Cocroft and Mrs. Wick recognized Libby Quigley with the award for the female senior.

     New to this assembly, the lancer way committee introduced an opportunity for several students to acknowledge teachers who they felt have demonstrated the Lancer Way. Those awarded with this teacher recognition include Latin teacher Mr. Tess, Social Studies teacher Mr. Holm, and P.E. teacher Mr. Nellis.

     A list of nominees is posted in the front lobby along with names of the teachers who nominated them. Students are asked to take a look and see if they had been nominated. The last batch of Lancer Way Awards for this year will be presented by the end of 4th term.