Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy puts on show


Ellen Linnihan

One resident impresses the audience with his spectacular drumming skills.

Sanchi Kalra, Activities Editor

The newly formed Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy has officially renamed December as “Do Good December.” Wednesday, Dec. 7, the students of the Academy put on a showcase for the residents of the Brookfield Rehabilitation Center. The students entertained the crowd with a variety of acts, such as Ellie Kumer’s (‘19) ballet performance, Michael Linnihan’s (‘20) speedy rubix cube solving, and Lizzie Peterson’s (‘18) piano performance. Other highlights included Becca Yi’s (‘17) performance of Silent Night and a colorguard routine by Suzy Dawood (‘18), Abbie Mumm (‘19), and Katie King (‘19). At the end, everyone participated in a Christmas carol sing-a-long accompanied by Ben Schroeder (‘20).
The residents of the center thoroughly enjoyed the interactive performance. “You could see it in [the residents’] faces,” commented Mrs. Ellen Linnihan, one of the advisers of the Academy. “They didn’t want it to end.”