BC’s Distinguished Young Women Program is sure to be beneficial to junior girls

Shreya Ashok Kumar , Reporter

As the competition draws close, several of BC’s Distinguished Young Women (DYW) junior girls express their feelings and opinions about the program and its advantages. In the past, the nationwide program has been very fruitful to almost 740,000 high school girls by offering college scholarship opportunities as well as providing enriching and unforgettable experiences.

The main goal of DYW is to encourage young women to get involved in enhancing, life-changing experiences that involve scholarship, leadership, and talent. Put simply, junior girls from all over the U.S. get the opportunity to compete for scholarship awards by demonstrating their skills and abilities in 5 major categories: Fitness, Self-Expression, Talent, Interview, and Academics (all ranging from 15% to 25%).

According to DYW participant Katharine Liotta (‘18), “Distinguished Young Women is a scholarship program that gives us a way to showcase what we have accomplished and how far we have come.” Not only is DYW beneficial through scholarships, but it also paves the way to discovering one’s self and talents, all while meeting new people, gaining valuable experiences, and making friends. As said by Katharine, “There are a lot of great opportunities that can come from the program. For example, you can learn more about yourself and learn more about your abilities and gain self confidence because you are really putting yourself out there and trying to learn who you are and showcasing who you are at the same time making new friends.”

Additionally, when asked about the training process and preparation for the events (the most recent one being Jan. 14), Chelsea Russell (‘18) said, “We meet with the other DYW girls and we practice the fitness routine and practice with interview questions in order to get you thinking about the things the judges would ask you.”

In addition, DYW girls should also prepare for their talent exhibit during the events. For instance, Chelsea said that she has decided to sign a song through sign language, while Katharine chose to play the ukulele. Therefore, it is very clear that these junior girls are having a lot of fun discovering and improving their talent as well as gaining exposure, self-confidence, and of course, a great group of peers and friends.