BC alum shares experiences in Ireland



Sachdev stops to admire a crystal-clear lake in County Atrim, Northern Ireland.

Ravina Sachdev , Features Editor

Rishi Sachdev, from Brookfield Central’s class of 2014, is currently studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Here is a short Q&A with him:

Why did you choose to go [to Dublin]?
To tell you the truth, when I entered college the idea of studying abroad never crossed my mind. But after talking to my advisors at school, I found that many universities in different countries offered courses that could count towards my economics major. The Irish universities I looked at had similar courses I needed, and I had heard a lot about the unique culture and beautiful landscape I would find here.

What university do you attend, and how is it different from college in the US?
I go to University College Dublin (UCD). The major difference between college here versus in the States, is that here we have very few assignments, and almost all of our grades come from exams. I think one of my final exams is worth 80% of my final grade, and I have friends in classes where the final is actually worth 100%. This places a lot more personal responsibility on the students to keep on top of our work throughout the semester.

What have you taken away from your experience?
Studying abroad is probably one of the best ways to become a more independent person. It affords you the opportunity to not only study at a new university, but to immerse yourself in a new culture and really break out of your comfort zone. In many cases, the transition is even more difficult than mine, because most countries have a language barrier. One piece of advice that I would give to help ease this transition is to join student organizations at your host institution. In my experience, it’s one of the best way to meet locals!

Are there any new Irish catchphrases that you hear a lot?
“What’s the craic?” This is a strange phrase that roughly translates to “what’s up?”