DECA is headed to state


Megan Fisher

The BC DECA State team pose in their business professional/cocktail attire at the Lake Geneva TimberRidge Resort.

Alice Zheng, Editor-in-Chief

After hours of preparation and business attire shopping, the BC DECA team is ready to head off to Lake Geneva after school Mar 6 for the DECA State business competition. This year, BC is sending off 47 qualifiers, the largest group in BC DECA history. For some, it may be their first DECA state competition, with many more competitions to come. For others, it may be their last one before heading off to college. However, one thing remains constant between the newbies and the old-timers: the nerves.
“The presentations and roleplays are always a bit nerve-racking,” said Mariam Khan (‘18), a second-time state qualifier. “But the convention at Lake Geneva, ceremonies, people, and loud music all create a fun environment.”
All BC state competitors are required to compete in their qualified district event and an additional state project. These project categories range from Entrepreneurship to Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan, from Business Operations Research to Advertising Campaign. Qualifiers may choose to create the project individually or with one or two partners. At the competition site, competitors have fifteen minutes to present their ideas to a judge using several posters and a flipchart created beforehand. Some events may require contestants to take an additional 100-question multiple choice test or write a several page paper.
For International Business Plan, Khan and her partner, Samaya Jayamaha (‘18), created a mock knowledge exchange platform called Zabaani KxP. “Zabaani provides the service of translating educational content from major languages into uncommon languages like Sindhi, Balochi, Saraiki so that everyone can be reached with education,” said Khan. The duo received inspiration through online research, and they have built their own idea by specifically focusing on the translation of educational content for Pakistan.
Stephanie Chen (‘20), a freshman and first-time DECA participant, qualified for state by placing 2nd in Principles of Business Finance. She first heard of DECA as an eighth grader through Freshman Orientation Night. Like Khan, Chen shares an equal amount of nerves and excitement for State. She will be working on Innovation Project category with Katherine Liu (‘19), also a first-year DECA participant. Their category requires them to develop a product that solves a problem. “We came up with ‘FootFitr,’ a thermal infrared scanner that helps you easily find your shoe size,” said Chen. According to Chen, different shoe size brands have different sized scales. Chen and Liu plan to put the ‘FootFitr’ in stores with different shoe brands so customers do not have to constantly try on and take off shoes of various brands to find their size. Instead, they can figure it all out with one scan.
Chelsea Russell (‘18) will be competing in Human Resource Management roleplay and
Public Relations project. As a part of the DECA Cabinet, Russell aids the President, Vice Presidents, and Mrs. Fisher, in anything that needs to get done. “DECA is scary, but it’s a good kind of scary,” said Russell. Jane Gehringer (‘17), DECA President, agrees. “DECA roleplays and presentations may be scary at first,” said Gehringer, “but it really helps with job interviews, meeting new people, and staying involved.” DECA especially helped upperclassmen with the future and college applications.
Gehringer is very proud of this year’s qualifying state team. “Forty-seven state qualifiers is most we’ve ever had,” she said. “Of course, it was a multi-person effort. It feels good that [we are] leaving a legacy in BC DECA history.” After dominating the competition at Districts, she is excited to see what’s in store at State. “We swept at districts; we are a force,” Gehringer said. “I am so thankful for a great executive board, the VPs, the Cabinet, and Fish[er].”
For the BC DECA Team, this week’s stop is in Lake Geneva, WI for DECA State. Their next stop: Anaheim, California for ICDC.