NHS welcomes new members during induction ceremony

Sanja Tarigoppula, Activities Editor

Scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These four qualities represent the overarching ideals the National Honor Society holds.

NHS is an association in Brookfield Central which consists of juniors and seniors who have shown merit in the principles mentioned previously. Juniors are required to apply and are chosen to be a part of the club.

The induction ceremony to welcome new members was held on March 1st, where Mr. Gruetzmacher and Mr. McBride were guest speakers. Mr. Gruetzmacher revealed the importance of expressing yourself, using the “lollipop moment” as an analogy. In addition, Mr. McBride used some, out of many, influential students as examples to emphasize passion and the little things in life. Both McBride and Gruetzmacher made a lasting impact on students with their meaningful speeches.

With the help of NHS administrators, inducted members received certificates to show their position in the club. The members of the executive board along with volunteers made the night quite memorable with polished decorations as well as great refreshments, and hopefully new representatives of NHS continue to show excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and character.