Boys Tennis reflects on their season


John Vogt

Brandon Beihoff (’18) preparing himself to give a killer forehand

Elianne del Campo, Opinions Editor

This year’s Boys Varsity Tennis has been on a great path to a spectacular season. The team started their season in April, and even though they have had a rough start due to the snowy weather, they have been able to pull off amazing wins versus tough competition like Slinger High School (4-3), Kenosha Tremper High School (6-1), Waukesha South High School (7-0), and more.

The future looked bright for the Boys Tennis Team when they got their first win against Slinger High School. When the teams were tied with 3 wins and 3 losses, it was up to their #1 doubles, Taral Jella (‘19) and Shankar Thiru (‘18), to determine whether Brookfield Central would take a win, or a defeat. After winning the first set 6-4, they lost the second set 2-6, leading to an intense tiebreaker.

Rally after rally, Taral and Shankar’s hard work paid off when they won the tiebreaker 10-7. “Our Slinger match was a good one. We ended up winning 4-3, but it was a tough match up. All of the matches could have gone either way, but thanks to some smart playing and determination, we were able to come out on top”, said Taral.

The players are now preparing for Conference, which is coming up next week. They commit to this sport by training almost every day to perfect their shots and winners. Even though the legendary coach, David Steinbach, is not coaching Boys Tennis this season, the team is making great adjustments to have an outstanding performance at Conference.

Brandon Beihoff (‘18), the team’s #1 singles player stated, “Coach [Steinbach] is one of the most impactful mentors in my high school career. He made history at Brookfield Central and at the tennis organization; for that reason, he will be forever remembered”.