2018 Court members give views on HOCO


Alan Herzberg

As a part of the traditional Homecoming parade, court members wheel shopping carts around the football field. Each Homecoming court pairing was given a shopping cart to decorate. From left to right: Tallulah Nummerdor, Hana Li, Kevin Jacobson, Megan Kiese, Mary Ellen Ritter, Mark Nemcek, Brooke Barreda, Pierce Boldin, Kelsey Bennett.

Niyati Hansaria, Reporter

Court Members / Pairing
Meghan Kiese + Kevin Jacobson
Hana Li + Malcolm Balles
Hannah Sternberg (Queen) + Jack Anderson
Hannah Prudlow + Jack Cooney
Tallulah Nummerdor + Drew Seymour
Brooke Barreda + Ben Blazei
Kelsey Bennett + Pierce Bolden
Mary Ellen Ritter + Mark Nemcek
Hannah Quinny + Taral Jella
Elise Joplin + Cole Nau (King)

What is your favorite part of Homecoming Week, and why?

Hannah S: I love listening to the band play at the pep assembly, because the band really livens up our school, and gets people excited for the game and the dance!

Hana L: My favorite part of Homecoming Week is definitely dressing up for spirit days, because it is always fun to think of outfit ideas (and go on late night Goodwill trips with friends) :).

Meghan K: The football game and dance are definitely my favorite parts of homecoming! I absolutely love being able to cheer the boys on from the sidelines, and it’s a great bonding experience for all of the cheerleaders. Also, it’s so fun to get all dressed up for the dance!

What was your favorite spirit day of all time, and why?

Taral J: Can’t go wrong with the classic class color day! I think it signifies unity…?

Kevin J: How can you pick a favorite spirit day? They are all so great!

Hana L: My favorite spirit day has always been “dress as your sibling” day because it’s always hilarious to see everyone go all out in funny outfits!

Meghan K: My favorites are either Dress Like Your Sibling or Senior Citizen. They’re both so funny and allow the seniors to go a little crazy and just have fun in their outfits!

What do you plan on going to the dance dressed up as, and why?
Note: the question was asked before the date of the homecoming dance

Hannah S: I plan on going as Minnie Mouse, mainly because my mom wanted me to, and she is such a classic character.

Kevin J: I don’t know who I am going to be yet. I might just wing it on the day of… 🙂
Note: Jacobson ended up going as an alien from Toy Story.

Hana Li: I plan on going as Bruce the Shark from Finding Nemo, because I found an amazing shark hat on Amazon and just had to buy it.

Taral J: I plan to be Mike Wazowski because he has the best lines and is used for slapstick throughout Monster’s Inc.

Did you expect to get a spot on the Homecoming Court? Why or why not?

Meghan K: I don’t think anyone really expects to make it. It was kinda surreal and definitely a super cool high school experience!

Hannah S: I did not. I had expected someone else, maybe more outgoing, to be chosen. I am very thankful that people thought of me when voting for the court.

Kevin J: I didn’t really expect it, but then before the assembly a bunch of people told me they voted for me and I was like, “Why.”