Science Bowl teams dive into practice for future competition

Jahnavi Hansaria, Reporter

The question, a dicey multiple choice about names of ocean currents, has undoubtedly stated. An excited murmur fills the room as teams sift through their knowledge to try to find the correct answer. Pencils are heard scratching against the roughness of the paper they map their ideas on. The pressure rises as seconds tick by, the Science Bowl: a race against time and an opponent.

From physics to astronomy, the Science Bowl is a buzzer-round competition for all things science. A team contains a maximum of five people who use their logic and wit to beat teams from other schools. The after-school club meets every friday and is led by two dedicated BC students: Niyati Hansaria (‘21) and Manasvi Paturu (‘21).

“This club keeps me motivated to use what I’ve learned in school not only as a way to review, but also because it gives other students a chance to learn more and have fun at the same time,” Hansaria said when describing her passion for leading the Science Bowl.

Every year, new members join and leave the club; Kevin Niu (‘22) is one of the latest additions to the team. When asked about his experience so far, Niu expressed, “What makes it fun is that it’s an opportunity to learn in an environment where people will challenge you. There’s so much to it, there’s such a wide variety that it’s hard to know everything. And so you’re constantly learning.”

Along with Niu, Hansaria, and Paturu, many other Brookfield Central students have shown interest in club participation — now, there are more members than ever before.

In the Science Bowl, students from different grade levels and backgrounds unite to represent their school and present their skills. The final goal of the BC Science Bowl team is to advance to the state competition. They continue to push themselves and other team members, creating an unstoppable team dynamic.