Ski and Snowboard Club ready to hit slopes this winter season

Naureen Kamal, Reporter

Although the snow makes it harder to get to school, it’s perfect for days on the slopes.
With record temperatures, Brookfield Central’s ski and snowboard club are ready to hit the slopes and appreciate the early snowfall this year. When asked what the most exciting thing to look forward to for members this year was, April Heyden a home economics teacher at Wisconsin Hills and member of the ski and snowboard club executive board, responded with “the most exciting thing is getting out to the ski hill, and the fact that we have had snow already! Last year we took a trip to Granite Peak and it was so much fun. We will be doing it again this year and we are really looking forward to it!”

There are four trips planned for the season to Alpine Valley. There is also an additional two trips for experienced members: one to Cascade, and another to Granite Peak. For new members, there are lessons offered at Alpine Valley and many other learning opportunities. “The advice I would give would be to stop in a ski shop to try on a pair of ski boots before heading out on the first ski trip! Most of the frustration comes in trying to get your foot in the boot! Once you have practiced putting your boots on and taking them off, it becomes so much faster and easier. Lessons are key. Alpine offers a free lesson to everyone in the club for skiers or snowboarders. I am hoping more students will take advantage of this! Lastly, be prepared to fall. It happens to everyone when starting out and even to very experienced skiers. It is OK to take off your skies and stand back up. Many struggle in the snow trying to stand up without taking the skies off. Try, try again. It gets easier every time,” stated Mrs. Heyden. The season will begin in December and will end by around late January.

Not only is the club an opportunity to learn and grow, but it also provides amazing opportunities for friendships. The time spent on the bus, in the lodge, or on the slopes is an amazing way to get to know one’s peers and meet new people. The beautiful scenery and stunning slopes are just a few highlights of every trip and they are almost enough to make up for the often frigid temperatures. So make sure to dress warm!

No matter what, this season is sure to be a success thanks to the executive board and staff who work tirelessly to pull this off. It is no wonder why hundreds of students participate in the club and enjoy it year after year. There is nothing quite like the feeling of fresh snow underneath skis and snowboards. Just remember, stay safe and have fun!