Sobrilsky explains “new” WIAA rules

Since the late 1970’s, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association has released an annual sportsmanship handbook to Athletic Directors throughout the state. This year, Brookfield

Central AD Mr. Todd Sobrilsky said that when he received the email he promptly “clicked delete, because seriously, nothing changed.” Despite the lack of change to the rule book, it still sent the state of Wisconsin into an uproar, even drawing national attention including an article in Sports Illustrated.

Mr. Sobrilsky explained that the chaos came in when an Athletic Director in the small northern town of Hilberg, Wisconsin sent the handbook to the students in his school to remind them how they were expected to behave at sporting events.

“A young lady there chose to tweet her thoughts about that to the WIAA and she used some inappropriate language, which got back to her school principal and AD,” said Mr. Sobrilsky. “She got in trouble with that at her school. WIAA did not punish her. [The WIAA] did not ban anything.”

In terms of Brookfield Central, Mr. Sobrilsky assured that nothing new will be enforced.

“All kinds of people are overreacting,” he said. “Our students are awesome. Our student fan section has done great stuff over the years, and chanting ‘airball’ or ‘scoreboard’…if that’s as bad as it gets for our student section, I’m okay with that.”